Major Rhinoplasty Surgery Instruments Set of 83 Pieces, Nose Surgery Instruments, Plastic Surgery Instruments

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Elevate your surgical practice with our meticulously curated Rhinoplasty Instrument Set of 83 pcs. Designed for precision and efficiency, these sets feature high-quality, durable instruments crafted to meet the exacting standards of rhinoplasty surgery procedures. From scalpels to retractors, each tool is a testament to superior craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, ensuring seamless surgical maneuvers and exceptional outcomes

Major Rhinoplasty Surgery Instruments Set of 83 Pieces

our Rhinoplasty Instruments Set embodies the pinnacle of surgical excellence. Meticulously designed to meet the exacting demands of rhinoplasty procedures, each instrument in this set reflects a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship. Engineered for optimal functionality and surgeon convenience, these instruments ensure unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, ultimately contributing to the success of every rhinoplasty with finesse and reliability.

Set Contains

Rhinoplasty Instruments Set of 83 Pcs Nose & Plastic Surgery Instrument
1 01. Scalpel Handle No. 3 1
2 02. Scalpel Handle, #7 1
3 03. Round Scalpel Handle 15.5cm 1
4 04. Iris Scissors, T.C. insert 11.5cm 1
5 05. Surgical Operating Scissors, 13cm, Straight – Sharp/Blunt 1
6 06. Mayo Stille T.C. Operating Scissors, 17cm, Curved 1
7 07. Reynolds Jameson Scissors, 14cm, Curved – With Fine, Rounded Points, Supercut 1
8 08. Giunta dorsal scissors, 13.5cm, Spuercut 1
9 09. Supercut Plus T.C. Mayo Scissors, 14cm, Straight 1
10 10. Supercut Plus T.C. Mayo Scissors, 17cm, Curved 1
11 11. Supercut Plus Metzenbaum T.C. Scissors, 18cm, Curved 1
12 12. Supercut Plus Kelly T.C. Scissors, 16cm, Curved 1
13 13. Supercut Heymann Nasal Scissors, 18cm 1
14 14. Supercut Plus Fomon T.C. Dorsal Scissors, 13cm, Angular 1
15 15. Supercut Fomon Dorsal Scissors, 13cm, Angular 1
16 16. Adson T.C. Tissue Forceps, 12cm 1
17 17. Adson T.C. Delicate Tissue And Suture Forceps, 12cm, 1×2 Teeth 1
18 18. Micro Adson Forceps, 12cm, 1×2 Teeth – 0.8mm Tips 1
19 19. Adson Brown Delicate Tissue Forceps, 12cm, 7×7 Teeth, Straight 1
20 20. Adson Brown Delicate Tissue Forceps, 12cm, 9×9 Teeth, Straight 1
21 21. Dressing Forceps, 20cm – Modified Swedish Pattern 1
22 22. Nelson Tissue Forceps, 15cm 1
23 23. Gruenwald Jansen Nasal Dressing Bayonet Forceps, 16cm, Serrated 1
24 24. Gubisch T.C. Needle Holder, 12.5cm, Extra Fine 1
25 25. Crile Wood T.C. Needle Holder, 15cm 1
26 26. Halsted Micro Mosquito Forceps, 12.5cm, Curved 1
27 27. Leriche Artery Forceps, 15cm, 1×2 Teeth, Straight 1
28 28. Pean Hemostatic Forceps, 14cm, Straight 1
29 29. Backhaus Towel Clamp, 13cm 1
30 30. Dressing Forceps, 17.5cm, Curved, Delicate 1
31 31. Gross Dressing Forceps, 20cm, Curved – With Catch, Box Lock 1
32 32. Barsky Skin Hook, 15cm, Single Prong, Sharp 1
33 33. Gillies Dura And Skin Retractor Hook, 19cm, 3mm 1
34 34. Gillies Dura And Skin Retractor Hook, 19cm, 5mm 1
35 35. Martinez Kilner Nasal Retractor, 2 Sharp Prong With Thumb Ring, 10.5cm, 7.5mm 1
36 36. Joseph Delicate Retractor, 17cm, 2 Prong, 5mm, Sharp 1
37 37. Guthrie Double Retractor Ho, 13cm, Sharp 1
38 38. Langenbeck Bone Elevator, 20cm, 7mm, Blunt 1
39 39. Freer Raspatory, 19cm, 5/5mm, Double Ended, Sharp / Sharp 1
40 40. Freer Raspatory, 19cm, 5/5mm, Double Ended, Sharp / Blunt 1
41 41. Williger Raspatory, 16cm, 5mm, Sharp 1
42 42. Williger Raspatory, 16cm, 7mm, Sharp 1
43 43. Mckenty Raspatory, 15cm, 4mm, Sharp, Light Curve 1
44 44. Mallet, 26cm, Novotex Plastic, 240 Grams, 45mm Diameter 1
45 45. Round Bowl For Solutions, 40x20mm, 20cc 1
46 46. Round Bowl For Solutions/Marking Color, 60x30mm, 60cc 1
47 47. Round Bowl For Solutions, 80x40mm, 160cc 1
48 48. Round Bowl For Solutions, 110x55mm, 400cc 1
49 49. Castroviejo Caliper, 7cm, 20mm Measuring Range 1
50 50. Desmarres Lid Retractor #2, 14cm, Medium, 10x14mm 1
51 51. Killian Septum Nasal Speculum, #4, 90mm (Modified) 1
52 52. Cottle Nasal Speculum, Delicate, 15cm, 55mm 1
53 53. Weil Blakesley Wilde Ethmoid Bone Forceps #3, 120mm Shaft, 4.2mm 1
54 54. Freer Septum Knife (Mucosa Scalpel), 16cm 1
55 55. Gubisch Suction Raspatory With Guide and Bypass Hole, 20cm, 4mm 1
56 56. Gubisch Suction Raspatory With Guide, 17cm, 4mm 1
57 57. Frazier Suction Tube, Charr No. 9 1
58 58. Frazier Suction Tube, Charr No. 12 1
59 59. Cartilage Cutting Block, Teflon, 85x55x10mm 1
60 60. Gubisch Cartilage Crusher, 65x30mm 1
61 61. Gubisch Kilner Double Nasal Hook (Alar Retractor), 8cm, Sharp, 5x10mm 1
62 62. Gubisch Aufricht Nasal Retractor, 17cm, 50×6-12mm 1
63 63. Aufricht Nasal Retractor, 18cm, 45×7-10mm 1
64 64. Cottle Nasal Retractor, 3X4mm, 15cm 1
65 65. Cottle Rhinoplasty Knife, 14cm 1
66 66. Ballenger Swivel Knife, Bayonet, 19cm 1
67 67. Silver Nasal Chisel, 18cm, 6mm 1
68 68. Silver Nasal Chisel, 18cm, 6mm Left 1
69 69. Silver Nasal Chisel, 18cm, 6mm Right 1
70 70. Cottle Chisel, 18cm, 4mm 1
71 71. Cottle Gubisch Chisel, 18cm, 5mm, Graduated, Hollow Cut 1
72 72. Cottle Gubisch Chisel, 18cm, 12mm, Graduated, Hollow Cut 1
73 73. Gubisch Osteotome, 18.5cm, 3mm, Aluminum Handle 1
74 74. Fanous Osteotome, 19.5cm, 4mm, Straight, With Guide Thorn – 1) 1
75 75. Caplan Nasal Septum Scissors, 20cm, Serrated 1
76 76. Gubisch Fomon Nasal Rasp, 20cm, T.C. insert No. 5 & 6 1
77 77. Fomon Nasal Rasp Special, 20cm, No. 9 & 10 1
78 78. Rubin Septal Morselizer Forceps, 20cm, With Protective Guard 1
79 79. Buchwald Tongue Spatula, 18cm, 18x23mm 1
80 80. Tongue Depressor, (Spatula), 18cm 1

“We, Foreigner Surgical, specialize in the production and global export of a wide range of Surgical Instruments in the following categories

• Surgical Instruments
• Dental Instruments
• ENT Instruments
• Ophthalmic Instruments
• Orthopedic Instruments
• Maxillofacial Instruments
• Veterinary Instruments
• Beauty Care/Manicure Instruments
• Foot and ankle Surgery Instruments
• Spine Instruments

Our comprehensive offerings also include various Surgery Sets made of High-Quality German Grade Stainless Steel. We exclusively use German Stainless Steel for all our instruments, providing a 10-year shelf-life warranty. In the rare event of any quality concerns, we offer a free replacement within a week.

To enhance our customer’s business, we provide the option to include their brand name or logo on the instruments. This enables our customers to resell our instruments under their brand identity easily.
Foreigner Surgical has been a professional manufacturing company since 1991, producing top-notch German-grade stainless steel instruments. We proudly serve renowned brands, companies, hospitals, clinics, doctors, distributors, and wholesalers worldwide.

Our commitment lies in offering the best quality at a very reasonable price, with a key focus on ensuring ‘In Time Delivery.’ Our numerous satisfied customers appreciate conducting their business with us, either by reselling our instruments or utilizing them in their operations.”

Our Payment Method


Packaging & Shipping

For packaging, each instrument is carefully placed in a soft poly bag. Additionally, an inner cardboard box is utilized for every 20 pieces, featuring product specifications, quantity, PO number, lot number, and other relevant details. The final packaging involves a master carton containing comprehensive data about the purchase order and specifications of the items packed inside. To ensure the safe transportation of products without any damage, soft packaging bubble materials are used.


Q: What is quality warranty?

Ans: FOREIGNER SURGICAL produces (German, Japanese, and French) steel in manufacturing with high quality. We offer free replacement warranty in case of any quality complain, ISO CE certificates are available for more satisfaction.

Q: What is the policy in case of Quality and Breakage complaint?

Ans: FOREIGNER SURGICAL provides free return and replacement policy in case of quality and material complaint, Any Damaged or Broken Instrument will be replaced by new one with free of cost.

Q: How i can proceed my order?

Ans: You can directly order from the product page, or just tell us what you need and quantity? We will start production after the payment and order confirmation.

Q: Can I put my logo or name? 

Ans: Yes, We can engrave your logo free of cost; we can put any Logo or Brand name on the instruments with free of cost.

Q: What are payment terms?

Ans: For small order value like 4000 US$ or less we accept 100% advance, for big orders value we can negotiate the payment terms.

Q: What are payment methods?

Ans: We accept TT Bank, PayPal, Western Union, and Money Gram & Cash.

Q: What is delivery time?

Ans: After order and payment, we take 2 weeks minimum for a small order and for the large orders minimum we take 4 weeks.

Q: What is shipping method?

Ans: We use DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, EMS, Air Cargo and Sea Cargo.

Q: How we can trust on this company.

Ans: We are a professional registered manufacturing and export company; all legal documents are available for more satisfaction.

Note: The listed price is not the final price; the final price will depend on quantity.

About Us.

We are a “Foreigner Surgical” manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of stainless steel instruments for any kind of surgery, we produce German-grade quality with rust free warranty of up to 5 years.
Our instruments are being used In worldwide famous hospitals, especially in the USA and Europe. We offer a free replacement warranty for our instruments in case of any quality complain.

We warmly say welcome to all worldwide customers to get instruments from us to make their business most profitable and strong.


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