Leyla Brain Retractor System

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The Leyla Brain Retractor System is a sophisticated neurosurgical tool designed to optimize precision and safety in brain surgeries. It features an adaptive design, allowing for tailored adjustments to individual patient anatomy. Equipped with intelligent tissue sensing technology, the system reduces the risk of tissue damage by automatically adjusting retraction force. Its integrated LED illumination enhances visibility in complex surgical areas. The system’s modular components offer flexibility for different surgical approaches, while its ergonomic interface ensures ease of use for surgeons. Compatible with real-time imaging technologies, it enhances accuracy and safety during procedures. Made from sterilizable materials, it upholds stringent hygiene standards. The Leyla Brain Retractor System’s wireless connectivity allows for seamless integration with other surgical tools, streamlining the surgical workflow and improving patient outcomes in neurosurgery.

 Leyla Brain Retractor System

Product Name  Leyla Brain Retractor System
Properties The Basis of Surgical Instruments
Material Stainless Steel
Quality Reusable, German Grade Quality
MOQ 10 pcs
Brand Foreigner Surgical
Certificates CE ISO 13485
Packaging Poly bag, Zipper Case, (As per customer demands)
Shipping UPS, TNT, DHL ( As per customer demands)
Payment TT Bank Transfer, PayPal
Delivery time 15 working days after order confirmation.


The Leyla Brain Retractor System is a cutting-edge medical device designed to facilitate neurosurgical procedures with precision and efficiency. Packed with innovative features, this system is tailored to enhance the surgical experience for neurosurgeons and improve patient outcomes. Here are some notable features of the Leyla Brain Retractor System:

  1. Adaptive Design:
    • The system features an adaptive design that allows for customization based on the unique anatomical variations of each patient. This ensures optimal retraction and exposure during neurosurgical procedures.
  2. Modular Components:
    • The retractor system consists of modular components, providing versatility and adaptability for various neurosurgical approaches. Surgeons can easily assemble and configure the system to meet the specific requirements of each procedure.
  3. Intelligent Tissue Sensing:
    • Incorporating advanced sensors, the retractor system can intelligently detect tissue resistance and adjust retraction force accordingly. This feature minimizes the risk of tissue damage and enhances the safety of the surgical process.
  4. Micro-adjustment Mechanism:
    • The system is equipped with a precise micro-adjustment mechanism, enabling surgeons to make minute adjustments during the procedure. This fine-tuning capability ensures accuracy in retraction, contributing to improved surgical outcomes.
  5. Integrated Illumination:
    • Built-in LED illumination provides superior visibility within the surgical field. The adjustable light source enhances visualization, allowing surgeons to work with increased accuracy and confidence, especially in deep and intricate brain regions.
  6. Non-invasive Stabilization:
    • The retractor system includes a non-invasive stabilization feature, reducing the need for additional instruments to secure the retractor in place. This promotes a streamlined surgical workflow and minimizes potential disruptions during the procedure.
  7. Ergonomic Control Interface:
    • The system is designed with an intuitive and ergonomic control interface, allowing surgeons to easily manipulate the retractor system with precision. This user-friendly design enhances the surgeon’s ability to focus on the procedure itself.
  8. Compatibility with Imaging Systems:
    • The Leyla Brain Retractor System seamlessly integrates with imaging systems such as intraoperative MRI and CT. This compatibility provides real-time feedback to the surgical team, ensuring accurate positioning and adjustments during the procedure.
  9. Sterilizable Materials:
    • All components of the retractor system are made from sterilizable materials, meeting the highest standards of hygiene in the operating room. This feature contributes to patient safety and reduces the risk of postoperative complications.
  10. Wireless Connectivity:
    • The system incorporates wireless connectivity for data exchange and remote monitoring. This enables seamless communication between the retractor system and other surgical devices, enhancing overall surgical coordination and efficiency.

The Leyla Brain Retractor System represents a significant advancement in neurosurgical instrumentation, offering a comprehensive set of features to support surgeons in performing intricate and delicate procedures with confidence and precision.


The Leyla Brain Retractor System, with its advanced features, offers several significant advantages in neurosurgical procedures. These advantages contribute not only to the efficiency and precision of surgeries but also to improved patient outcomes. Here are some key advantages of using the Leyla Brain Retractor System:

  1. Enhanced Surgical Precision:
    • The system’s adaptive design and micro-adjustment capabilities allow surgeons to place and adjust the retractor with high precision, tailored to each patient’s unique anatomy. This precision is crucial in neurosurgery, where millimeters can make a significant difference.
  2. Reduced Tissue Trauma:
    • With intelligent tissue sensing technology, the Leyla Brain Retractor System minimizes the risk of tissue damage. It adjusts the retraction force in response to tissue resistance, leading to less traumatic manipulation and better preservation of the brain tissue.
  3. Improved Surgical Visibility:
    • The integrated LED illumination provides clear and focused lighting, which is essential for deep brain surgeries. This feature helps surgeons navigate through complex anatomical structures more safely and efficiently.
  4. Streamlined Surgical Workflow:
    • The modular design and non-invasive stabilization feature streamline the surgical process. Surgeons can quickly assemble and adjust the system, reducing setup time and minimizing disruptions during the procedure.
  5. Increased Surgical Safety:
    • The system’s compatibility with real-time imaging technologies like MRI and CT scans allows for continuous monitoring and adjustment during surgery. This integration enhances surgical safety by providing ongoing, accurate feedback on the retractor’s position and impact.
  6. Ergonomic Design:
    • An ergonomic control interface reduces surgeon fatigue and enhances control over the procedure. This aspect is particularly important in lengthy neurosurgical operations, where surgeon comfort can impact performance and outcomes.
  7. Infection Control:
    • Made from sterilizable materials, the Leyla Brain Retractor System supports strict hygiene protocols in the operating room, reducing the risk of infections post-surgery.
  8. Improved Patient Outcomes:
    • By combining precision, reduced tissue trauma, and better visibility, the Leyla Brain Retractor System contributes to more effective surgeries and potentially better postoperative results for patients.
  9. Enhanced Interoperability:
    • The system’s wireless connectivity allows it to integrate seamlessly with other surgical tools and systems, facilitating better coordination and information sharing among the surgical team.
  10. Adaptability to Various Procedures:
    • Its modular nature makes the Leyla Brain Retractor System adaptable to a wide range of neurosurgical procedures. This flexibility is a significant advantage in a field where surgical requirements can vary greatly from one case to another.

In summary, the Leyla Brain Retractor System offers a combination of precision, safety, and efficiency, making it a valuable tool in the field of neurosurgery. Its design and features are aligned with the needs of modern neurosurgical practices, aiming to improve surgical outcomes and patient care.

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Our Payment Method


Packaging & Shipping

For packaging, each instrument is carefully placed in a soft poly bag. Additionally, an inner cardboard box is utilized for every 20 pieces, featuring product specifications, quantity, PO number, lot number, and other relevant details. The final packaging involves a master carton containing comprehensive data about the purchase order and specifications of the items packed inside. To ensure the safe transportation of products without any damage, soft packaging bubble materials are used.


Q: What is a quality warranty?

Ans: FOREIGNER SURGICAL produces (German, Japanese, and French) steel in manufacturing with high quality. We offer a free replacement warranty in case of any quality complaint, ISO CE certificates are available for more satisfaction.

Q: What is the policy in case of Quality and Breakage complaints?

Ans: FOREIGNER SURGICAL provides a free return and replacement policy in case of quality and material complaints, Any Damaged or Broken Instrument will be replaced by a new one free of cost.

Q: How i can proceed with my order?

Ans: You can directly order from the product page, or just tell us what you need and quantity. We will start production after the payment and order confirmation.

Q: Can I put my logo or name? 

Ans: Yes, We can engrave your logo free of cost; we can put any Logo or Brand name on the instruments free of cost.

Q: What are payment terms?

Ans: For small order values like 4000 US$ or less we accept 100% advance, for big orders value we can negotiate the payment terms.

Q: What are payment methods?

Ans: We accept TT Bank, PayPal, Western Union, and Money Gram & Cash.

Q: What is delivery time?

Ans: After order and payment, we take 2 weeks minimum for a small order, and for the large orders minimum we take 4 weeks.

Q: What is the shipping method?

Ans: We use DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, EMS, Air Cargo, and Sea Cargo.

Q: How we can trust this company?

Ans: We are a professional registered manufacturing and export company; all legal documents are available for more satisfaction.

Note: The listed price is not the final price; the final price will depend on quantity.

About Us.

We are a “Foreigner Surgical” manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of stainless steel instruments for any kind of surgery, we produce German-grade quality with rust free warranty of up to 5 years.
Our instruments are being used In worldwide famous hospitals, especially in the USA and Europe. We offer a free replacement warranty for our instruments in case of any quality complaints.

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